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Back-to-School Marketing Ideas

As families gear up to send the kids back to school, they’re busier than ever. As their real estate professional, you can take this opportunity to reinforce your brand to keep you top-of-mind when they’re ready to answer the big question: is it time to move?

The Best Schools

Homebuyers are willing to pay more—and give up more—to live in their school district of choice. More than 60% of homebuyers admit that school district boundaries impact their purchasing decisions. In fact, over 50% are willing to go over budget to live in their preferred school district.

Contribute to the Community

Establish your reputation within the best school districts by creating a name for yourself there. Support the local PTA: buy ad space, sponsor functions, volunteer for fundraisers and offer discounts and premium services to the PTA members.

Host a school supply drive to benefit the community. You can turn it into a family-friendly picnic and accept donations in lieu of tickets for admission. During the event, try not to steer the conversation back to real estate. Instead, learn more about the community, and be prepared to answer any questions that appeal to your expertise should they arise.

Create a Conversation

Are you blogging? Are you active on social media? Use your online presence to start a conversation and engage with homebuyers with young or growing families who place a premium on school districting. Highlight local businesses offering back-to-school sales, create a directory of your preferred after-school programs, share quick and easy lunch recipes (the internet is full of these kinds of articles; you can create a Buzzfeed-style listicle and link to your favorites) or be explicit and offer insights to local school districts’ impacts on home values.

At this special time of year, it’s important to tailor your message—online, in person or through direct mail or email—to your audience. Back-to-school is the perfect time to focus your audience on growing families with school-age children.


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