A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Real Estate Business

Spring is in the air. Time to open the windows, let the fresh air in and get down to all that spring-cleaning. And with all that cleaning, dusting, purging and sorting, it’s also a great time to think about giving your business a good spring-cleaning.

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1. Audit

Your time: How and where are you spending it? Are you maximizing your day with revenue-producing activities, or majoring in the minors of "getting ready to get ready" tasks? Track yourself for a week and give yourself a baseline assessment of where your time is going.

Your goals: Are you making progress on your monthly, quarterly and yearly goals? Have any of them changed?

Your mindset: How are you feeling about yourself? Is your attitude toward your current results strong, or do you need a tune-up?

Your database: Is your client and referral information current? Is your information on contacts, follow-ups, sales and referrals up-to-date?

Your marketing materials: Need some AHS materials? Contact your AHS Account Executive.

Your online brand: Is your digital brand up to par? Do you have an email signature block in place? Are your emails and websites responsive and mobile-friendly? Are you engaged on social media? How is your web traffic? Run analytics on your digital presence.

2. Clean & De-Clutter

Your desk & office: Give your workspace a good cleaning. Get rid of the clutter that could potentially distract you.

Your vehicle: Bring it in for a wash and detail inside and out. And while you're at it, take care of any maintenance or repair needs.

Your work habits & processes: Take to heart the results of your audit and see where you can unclog and streamline things.

Your distribution lists: Update or purge outdated information. Clear out emails that that are bouncing back. Also, take time to cleanup your inbox.

3. Organize

Your files: Categorize and sort your paperwork. Hire someone to help you, if necessary.

Your contacts: Organize your database to help automate your touch points and make it easier to identify opportunities.

Your marketing campaigns: Put your campaigns on the calendar. Plan and schedule your web, social media and email updates around campaign events and goals. Be sure to take advantage of the customizable and complimentary marketing materials on OnMark Pro.

4. Revamp & revitalize

Your goals: Is it time to adjust or create new goals based on your results to date?

Your brand image: Are you clearly positioned as the expert in your field, or do you need to do some tweaking?

Your communications: Do your communications across the digital spectrum reflect your knowledge, style and personality, or do they need some livening up?

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