A Snapshot Of Success With Snapchat

As a Real Estate Professional, you’re probably already on Facebook and Twitter, but are those the only places where you should be? Millennials now make up the largest group of homebuyers at 35 percent, and many of them are on Snapchat.

Why Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the top three social apps used by millennials. For Real Estate Professionals trying to reach this younger, growing home buyer segment, it can be a very powerful way to connect. If you’re unfamiliar, Snapchat allows users to send real-time photos and videos to their followers. This image-based app also allows you to add text, emojis, drawings and other screen effects with special filters or lenses. What’s different about Snapchat from other social media is the temporary nature of the images or videos that are shared. Snaps, as they’re called, are only available to be viewed for 1-10 seconds, based on settings you control.

While this may not seem like a long time, 10 seconds can be all the time you need to get the attention of your captive audience. This visual medium is ideal for this audience who typically has a shorter attention span and is used to processing snippets of information very quickly. You can send your snaps to certain individuals or share online for all your followers to see through a feature called “My Story.” While these snaps will remain online for a full 24 hours, viewers can still only see each snap for the brief time you’ve designated.

Shorter can be better

A day may also seem rather short, but the temporary nature of snaps gives followers a sense of freshness, urgency and potentially piques their interests to view your videos and images before they disappear. In this way, this real-time social medium is ideal for engagement and retention. As long as you’re consistent and relevant, that is. That means sending out frequent snaps on a regular basis for an extended length of time, (3-5 a week over a period of 6 months) with messaging that quickly captures your audience’s attention.

Snaps can speak volumes with few words

“Just listed” when paired with a quick pic of a new listing is a great example of an exciting message with real appeal to new clients. “Amazing chef’s kitchen” is another smart option to accompany video that showcases a well-appointed kitchen for your client who loves to cook. Because Snapchat is a truly visual medium, it’s perfectly suited for the real estate industry. Just as diners often eat with their eyes first, this brief image or video can whet the appetite of hungry buyers. The idea is to show them just enough to get them to want to see more with a tour from you.

How realistic is it for you to devote time to yet another social app when you’re already on Facebook, Twitter and email?  Before you answer, consider this: In some ways, Snapchat is less of an investment of your time than other social media. Because of the impermanence of your snaps, you don’t have to spend nearly as much time capturing the perfect shot or writing long-descriptions. Its impermanent nature makes it especially quick and simple to do, and eliminates the pressure of crafting just the right email or Facebook post that will live on long beyond a snap would.

Keep in mind, Snapchat is in no way the go-to app for lead generation, although you can promote the fact that you’re on it to attract prospects. Simply, encourage others to follow you by sharing a screenshot of your Snapchat username on your website or including it in the signature of your emails so prospects can find you through the app.

While Snapchat can never replace other social media or supplant your traditional marketing efforts, it does have its time and place. When it comes to reaching millennials, it’s worth adding to your real estate repertoire. To learn how to get started, search for real estate-related tutorials on YouTube, such as: Snapchat for Real Estate and Anyone Over 40! How to use Snapchat For Real Estate Agents, 7 Tips on How to Use Snapchat for Your Real Estate Business, Grow Your Real Estate Business Using Snapchat, Snapchat for Realtors--Increase Your Client Engagement by 90%! 

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