6 Strategies for Managing Your Online Reputation

In real estate, your reputation IS your business. Clients and prospects need to know you can be trusted and that you can do a great job for them. Build and manage a solid online reputation, attract clients and protect your name by following these tips.


Establishing a good reputation is a process. Gathering reviews, getting referrals and building a following all take time and a consistent effort.

To encourage positive reviews and word of mouth, suggests these online management tactics:

Establish your brand. What do you want to be known for? What can you do better than anyone else? Flaunt your awards, years of experience and accomplishments.

Start blogging. Let people get to know you personally in addition to sharing your professional insights about the real estate market. Become the go-to for helpful, engaging and up-to-date information.

Be active on social media. The National Association of Realtors® reports that 89% of REALTORS® are using social media in some way. Don’t miss opportunities to connect with clients and influence how others perceive you by posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, which rank high in search results. These networks offer excellent opportunities to join discussions, ask for recommendations and visually post properties and home ideas.

Encourage even better results by tailoring your bio to include specific keywords about your neighborhood, areas of expertise and brand. Be sure to post a profile photo and tout your unique abilities and services.

Ramp up your rep on your website. Consider your website your home base where anyone can find you and learn more about you. Set up a hub page, where you tell clients what they most need to know and how to contact you. Also, include links to your social networks. The more you post interesting content and helpful information, the more likely it is you’ll gain a following or pick up new clients.

Track what they’re saying about you. Read reviews on your site often, and set up alerts that tell you when your name is mentioned online. If you have their permission to do so, be sure to post honest reviews from your clients about their satisfaction with your service and their positive experiences working with you. That should inspire others to seek you out. Remember, you have to earn your clients’ confidence, so make sure you deliver excellent service consistently.

People trust consumer reviews. According to a 2010 eMarketer survey, those who interact with reviews are 105% more likely to buy.


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