5 Ways to Be a Memorable Real Estate Agent

Building a strong repeat and referral network through long-term client relationships is a major part of growing business as a real estate professional. It’s important that the service you provide and the connections you form are memorable enough to prompt clients to recommend you to friends and family and call on you again when they wish to buy or sell a home in the future. What can you do to be a memorable agent? Here are five ways to make a lasting impression:



1. Be responsive.

Buying or selling a home can be a stressful time for your clients. That’s why they appreciate it when you respond to questions and requests promptly and completely. When it comes to being memorable, the importance of good communication cannot be underestimated. Return phone calls, text messages, and emails as soon as you can. If a client asks for information, gather it right away and make sure they receive it. Always follow up to see they understand the answers or data you provided and find if they have additional questions or needs. If you haven’t heard from a client in a while, take the initiative to check in with them. Offer regular updates and progress reports on listing activity, market changes, and other real estate-related news to keep them informed and in the loop.


2. Little things matter.

People often remember the small gestures that can make life easier, and the real estate transaction process more pleasant. Things like bringing hand sanitizer and cold water to showings, offering clients an umbrella when it’s raining, and bringing in their newspaper from the driveway or their garbage can from the curb can make big impressions. Always look for little ways to demonstrate to clients that you’re always looking out for their best interests and putting them first. 


3. Stay in touch.

If you want your client relationships to continue after transactions are finished, look for ways to keep in touch long after deals close. Send holiday greetings in the mail or electronically. Share market updates regularly as well as any information or links that might help them as homeowners. If you have extra tickets to local events, offer them to your clients for their enjoyment. Check-in frequently to inquire about their family and pets, as well as to see if they are still enjoying their home.


4. Close with a gift.

In addition to thanking clients for their business, the gesture of a closing gift can serve to remind clients of the important service you provided, and the relationship you built with them. Try to choose closing gifts that will last over time, such as something for their home or garden. Candlesticks, serving trays, a small tree to plant, a garden sculpture, or a framed rendering of their home can all be proudly displayed and a reminder of the successful transaction spearheaded by you.  


5. Include American Home Shield® home warranties in transactions.

One of the best ways to show clients that you care about them is to include American Home Shield real estate home warranties with every transaction. Each time clients have a covered repair handled, they will be grateful to you for the budget protection and the repair solution provided by their home warranty plan. American Home Shield’s Livable and Forgivable Coverage is built for every day, real life, with no age limits, no inspections, and no maintenance records required. Livable and Forgivable Coverage can mean less frustration, higher client satisfaction, and more appreciation for you. Contact your American Home Shield Account Manager or call 800.735.4663 for more information.


Another way to stay on your clients’ radar is to connect through social media. Be sure to follow your clients on their preferred social media platforms where you can interact with them as well as keep up with what’s happening in their lives.

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