5 Steps to Open House Success

There are reasons that some real estate agents have more successful open houses than others. Here are some smart tips that can help make your open houses more rewarding for you and your clients.


Spread the Word
Get potential buyers excited about your open house in advance by sharing photos of the property on social media or email. Help the property stand out by highlighting any unique features of the listing such as a sunroom, stained glass windows or ornamental moldings. If possible, shoot a short video of the surrounding neighborhood showcasing local cafes, parks and other points of interest. Print copies of the listing information, place signs in the area with the address. Then put out the balloons and welcome mat.

Educate Your Clients
Let your clients know what to expect before the open house so they’re comfortable with the process and don’t count on locking in a buyer the first day. Stress the importance of clearing out any clutter from the rooms and closets. Remind them to remove family photos and personal items so potential buyers can better picture themselves in the space. Do a walkthrough of the house to assure them that you’ll point out their home’s best assets, and do your best to find a suitable buyer.

Invite the Neighbors
Savvy real estate agents realize that the neighbors can do a lot more than just poke around the property for interior design tips. They can help you sell the home by telling their friends and family about it and encouraging them to move to the neighborhood. Always welcome the locals to your open houses, and consider sending a special email or printed invite so they’ll know when to stop by to see the property and spread the word to their friends.

Have Tech-Savvy Sign-Ins
In today’s fast-paced world of real estate, sign-up sheets seem a bit outdated. Plus, they can be pretty had to decipher, depending on the handwriting. Consider using a tablet or iPad with an app like Open Home Pro for sign-ins. It uploads all visitor information automatically and sends an email with the property details and your contact information right after potential buyers sign in. It can also help you determine if a visitor is ready to buy, pre–qualified for a mortgage or working with an agent so you can follow-up on hot leads.

Use Available Resources
Make sure you take advantage of free online tools and resources to enhance your open houses. Check out openhouseresource.com for tips on everything from planning to staging to closing the deal. It’s a valuable website full of information that can help you improve the success rate of your open houses. Also, if your office doesn’t have them already, be sure to ask your AHS representative for our free AHS Open House Kits so you can put your best foot forward at every open house.

Learn more at http://openhouseresource.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRdQCInpfA0

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