Is Your Home Pet Proof?

Even the most well-behaved pets get into things they shouldn’t: many of us have a pair of shredded shoes to prove it. To make sure your home is as pet-proof as possible, ask yourself these questions:


1. Do I have closed storage for my belongings?

If you don’t want your pets to scratch up your purse collection or coffee table books, you’ll want to find a storage area that’s hard for them to reach. Store accessories and shoes in closed closets or sealed boxes, and consider stowing away books and trinkets as well. For items you still want to show off, look for glass cases.


2. Does my flooring withstand stains and scratches?

We get it—you want your pets to play freely without ruining your flooring. Luckily, you have several pet-resistant options. Both vinyl and laminate floors are durable, easy-to-clean, and fairly resistant to scratches and nicks. If you can’t live without hardwood floors, make sure your pets’ nails are trimmed, and remember to clean up accidents immediately. And if you have a new puppy, it’s probably best to avoid plush, high-pile carpet.

3. Can my pet open the trash can?

Since you don’t even want to touch the contents of your trash can, your pets shouldn’t either. Consider purchasing a heavy metal lid to block your pet from opening the can. You can also install child safety locks.
Want to lessen your pet’s interest in the garbage? Sprinkle baking soda on top of the can. Once he tastes the baking soda, he won’t be back for more.


4. Does my pet have a place to go when I’m away?

Some pets are able avoid mischief at night or while their parents are away. But many pets, especially young puppies, should be crated while you’re not available to watch them. To make sure your crate is an effective tool, remember never to use the crate as a punishment—your pet should view it as a safe haven, not as a space to be feared.


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