How to Organize Your Kitchen in 3 Simple Ways

Making room is hard, especially in the kitchen. With so many different appliances being used in such a small space, it’s no wonder kitchens are one of the most cluttered rooms in the house.
De-Cluttered Kitchen


Whether your kitchen is big or small, learn how to organize your kitchen with these fun storage ideas to help keep your kitchen clear of clutter.

1. Take to the shelves

Not sure where to put your fruit basket? What about all those cooking utensils? Your kitchen countertop may be cluttered, but chances are your walls aren’t. Organize kitchen shelves for more space, or create your own Pegboard shelves on bare walls.

Wooden Shelves on Wall with Kitchen EssentialsPhoto courtesy of Design Milk

2. Add some spice to your rack

Is your old spice rack taking up too much space? There are tons of DIY spice rack ideas out there and removing that old bulky rack and building your own may be the perfect space saver. Here are a few options:

Magnetic spice rack:

Not sure where to put the paprika? A magnetic spice rack is a great way to save space and look cool in the process. Now you can place your spices on the fridge, under the counter or even on the wall.

Pull-Out Spice Rack

Photo via Pinterest

Keychain spice rack:

How many times have you looked for the oregano only to realize you left it in your left-side pants pocket? OK, probably never. But having a keychain spice rack like this one will make sure that scenario never happens.

Keychain Spice Rack Mounted on Wall
Photo via Pinterest

Pull-out spice rack:

For when you don’t want to worry about leaving random bottles on the counter, the pull-out spice rack is perfect for keeping all your bottles, jars and herbs in one place.

Pull-Out Spice Rack

Photo via Pinterest

3. Don’t store it, sink it

One of the biggest spots in any kitchen is the one under your sink. Unfortunately, most people think it needs to be reserved for trash bags, bug spray and old dishwasher soap. The space under your sink can be used for more than just cleaning supplies; adding a few simple storage trays can transform a drab sink into an incredibly useful one. Organize your kitchen cabniets by placing your pots, pans, sheets as well as other knickknacks underneath. Just don’t blame us when your garbage disposal starts to leak.

4. Can't stand the neat? Get out of the kitchen!!!

With a little creativity, you can turn any space into storage space. These are just a few ways to declutter your kitchen and save a little space, but the possibilities are endless. Now that you’ve got your kitchen covered, why not start on the rest of the house? Remember, a little decluttering goes a long way.

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