Not Too Scary: Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween is a night of fun! But safety shouldn't be taken lightly. Follow these tips on Halloween safety to keep you and your kids safe this Halloween season.

Children getting candy for halloween

Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year for kids young and old. But according to the National Safety Council, the chances of a child being hit by a car and killed are more than double on Halloween compared to any other day of the year. Make this year’s Halloween unforgettable in other, positive ways by checking out these important rules to follow for a safe Halloween.

See and Be Seen

The ever-popular plastic masks held in place with rubber band head straps are cheap and easy. But looking out of the little eye holes when “one size fits all” is very difficult. Likewise, the rubber masks that fit over your head are even more impressive but still hard to see out of. A much safer alternative is face paint and makeup. Kids love it. And you’ll love that they’ll have one less costume hindrance. Just make sure the face paint is nontoxic, and try out the makeup before the big night to make sure there are no skin reactions. If your field of vision, or your child’s, is limited, you are asking for trouble — especially when trick-or-treating after dark.

Also, if you are buying costumes for trick-or-treating, make sure they are brightly colored and reflective when in the headlights of a car. If they are not, you can add reflective tape to the costumes and to the candy bags. And when it comes to children safety tips for Halloween, you can’t go wrong with giving each child a working flashlight and glow sticks, too.

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Make Sure It’s a Good Fit

A long costume can be a trip hazard. Also, large shoes or boots can be hard to walk in, especially for children. Make sure every part of a costume fits and that it’s comfortable to spend time and get around in.

Watch the Fire Hazards

Lots of people use bonfires at gatherings, candles in jack-o-lanterns or light candles in their houses on Halloween. Costumes, wigs and masks can easily catch fire while walking past those lit candles or fires if they aren’t fire-resistant. Make sure, when purchasing those items, that they do resist fire. Remember: The likelihood of a house fire goes up when open flames are present. Take all precautions.

Avoid Sharp Objects

If part of your or your child’s costume is a sword, knife or spear, make sure it is not sharp or doesn’t have a sharp point and is not too long.

Practice These 7 Safe Walking Tips:

When everyone’s out and about, make sure you’re following these tips:

  1. Adults should always accompany children and watch their every move.
  2. Never let a child enter a stranger’s house.
  3. Stick to well-lit, familiar streets.
  4. Stay in groups and let everyone know what the plan and route is.
  5. Use sidewalks and cross at the corner.
  6. Have working cell phones.
  7. When older children are out without an adult, make sure you know who the other kids are, know the location or route and agree on a time to be home. Don’t be afraid to check in by cell phone to see how things are going.

Implement Safe Candy Tips

You are not a “stick in the mud” if you hand out non-candy treats like coloring books and crayons to the small kids or fast food coupons for the older kids. Likewise, healthier treats like granola bars and packaged trail mix are always better than candy. You’ll be surprised at the positive reactions you’ll get from the kids when they realize they’re not getting the same old same old. And when it’s time for your kids to go out, make sure they have had a good supper first. Don’t let them eat treats before you get home, and even then, ration out the treats so they last for weeks after Halloween, to keep their stomachs in check.

Assess Your Home

You should do a walk-around in your front yard before the big night. Look for trip hazards like holes or depressions in the yard, garden hoses and lawn furniture. Make sure the path to your porch and door are well lit. And if you have barking dogs at the fence, make sure they can’t escape. Better yet, bring them inside and put them in a bedroom or garage. If you have indoor pets, make sure they don’t charge the door and scare little kids.

Bonus Tip: If you are hosting an adult party involving alcohol, make sure there are designated drivers or you have provisions for overnight guests.

Keep all of this at the forefront of your mind this Halloween, and you can be sure you’re taking all the steps to keep safe this Halloween. After all, Halloween should be all about fake fear, right?

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