Guide to Buying Appliances at an Outlet Store

Buying appliances from an outlet store can save you quite a significant amount. Learn how to find the best appliances without spending or stressing more.

Being in the market to purchase new appliances can be an exciting time. But it can also be overwhelming and expensive. However, if you’re the type who knows what you need, aren’t too picky on brand or style and want to save a few dollars, shopping at an appliance outlet store is your ticket to a money-saving experience.

Outlet stores offer up to 50 percent savings, and at some stores, you’ll be supporting a good cause when you purchase your appliance (Habitat For Humanity ReStores sells home goods and appliances at incredibly low prices). As with any good deal, there’s usually a catch, but if you know what to expect and what to look for, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

Outlet stores sell at a discounted price for a reason. There will be limited selection, and you might have to deal with a few imperfections. Most of the appliances are used, refurbished, dented or scratched, discontinued or last one in a set. Make sure to look them over carefully. Parts could be missing and with most sales final, most stores won’t accept returns. Occasionally you can get lucky and find appliances that are 100 percent perfect and only there because a store had excess stock or has gone out of business. But by measuring your expectations and understanding there will most likely be compromise; you’ll walk in with the right attitude.

Make sure you do your homework before your visit. Know what make and model you’re looking for. If you’re not finding an exact match at the outlet, go online while at the store and search the appliance that’s caught your eye. Check online ratings or, better yet, Consumer Reports. There you’ll find product overviews, ratings, brand reliability, specs, reviews and price. You can even compare the ones you’re interested in. And who knows; maybe a great rating and a few hundred off the price is enough to overlook that small dent.

Don’t be afraid to ask the sales associate for more off of the sticker. These outlets want to unload these appliances. More come in every day, and the older an appliance gets, the less desirable. Also, bring cash. You know the old saying: Cash is king. Well, there’s no better time to pull that money out of savings than appliance shopping. Remember, the answer is always “no” until you ask.

Don’t let appliance outlets scare you or overwhelm you. There are savings to be had. By educating yourself and being willing to negotiate, you can walk away with new appliances and have money left in your pocket.

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