Good Spring-Clean Family Fun

It's that wonderful time of year again. The sun's back, life’s returning outdoors and we can finally do things other than huddle around the heater. Unfortunately, one of those things is cleaning. Here’s how to make it more fun and family friendly.

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Getting Started
This is the most difficult part — especially if you’ve avoided a good, deep clean during the winter. To get things up and running, try establishing some attainable goals to reach throughout the process. This will help make the project less intimidating, and it breaks the workload up into easier to manage chunks. Also, be sure to designate some pre-established break times for the whole family to help prevent anyone from being overworked.

To help put a little more spring in everyone’s step, try using energetic background music. Everyone loves a chance to share their favorite tune, and music also helps to keep us in the zone. If you want to really spice things up, try hiding small toys or trinkets around the house before you get started. Your kids will have more fun if the cleaning process becomes more like a giant scavenger hunt. Here are some more fun ways to get the kids involved:

Skating Rink – Give your kids old socks to wear and then allow them to skate around the house picking up dust bunnies along the way. It’s great for dusting wood floors and for giving your kids a small, healthy workout.

Target Practice – Make a list of targets for your kids to spray and wipe with non-toxic cleaners. These can be windows, stainless steel appliances, or even countertops. Whoever sprays and cleans their targets the quickest wins.

Closet Runway – Have your kids go through their closets and clear them of old clothes that don’t fit anymore. To make it more fun, put on a fashion show and see who can come up with the craziest clothing combination before being tossed out. Take photos of the experience and share them with friends and family to make your kids stars.

Karaoke Mop - Turn on some familiar background music while mopping and start a lip-synching contest with you and your kids. Use the mop handle as a microphone and cheer each other on as your floors enjoy an energetic clean.

Food Hunt – Send your kids on a hunt through the pantry and refrigerator for expired food and drink items. You can help teach them how to read the labels and also how to dispose of each item properly.

Once you and your kids are done with surface cleaning much of the house, it’s time for the adults to tackle some of the more difficult or potentially dangerous tasks. Here is a helpful checklist for deep cleaning major appliances and systems in and around your house.

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