5 Ideas to Outsmart Cabin Fever

The winter months can be cruel, so if you are stuck indoors, here are five ideas to beat the cabin fever blues.

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1. Step Away From The Smartphone
It may seem like an escape, but your smartphone can actually make cabin fever worse. Streaming, surfing and posting can make phones very isolating even if you’re in the same room as others, so put the phone down and try a real live conversation – even if you have to text your family to get it started.

2. Break out the Board Games
With technology taking over so many forms of entertainment, it’s nice to slow down, unplug, and get back to the basics with a board game. A game can bring your family together while waking up that competitive spirit. Whether you choose educational or silly, a board game is a great way to pass the time while stuck inside during the worst of winter.

3. Try a Home Improvement or Organization Project
When inside during the dead of winter you may take a look around and realize you have a few projects just begging to be tackled. It can be as simple as organizing your pantry, or a little more in-depth like painting your powder room. Either way, it’s easy for the whole family to get in on the action and do a little bonding while improving.

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4. Plan a Special Family Dinner

Picking up takeout, or heating up a frozen pizza, is standard fare for busy families, but when you’re all in the house and have the time, planning a home-cooked meal can help bring everyone together. From choosing a menu to prepping and cooking and then eating and cleaning up, there’s a job for everyone.

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