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Top Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Home Warranty

Here’s a look at the major reasons to be thankful for having home warranty coverage this holiday season.


At this time of year, Americans take time to reflect on the blessings in their lives and the things they’re grateful for. And this year, of all years, it’s especially important to practice that gratitude. If you have a home warranty from American Home Shield®, you have a lot to be grateful for.

Times may be hard for many of us, but an American Home Shield home warranty can make them a little bit easier by providing crucial budget protection that helps you keep your home in good shape. If you need a home appliance or system repaired, finding someone to do the work is easy with American Home Shield. You can spend less time watching do-it-yourself videos on YouTube and making trips to the hardware store. And you can save more of your hard-earned money for other things, like home improvements. 

Here are just a few reasons to be thankful for the benefits of a home warranty.

Budget Protection

COVID-19 has not only been a public health crisis — it’s also been an economic catastrophe. Lots of Americans are out of work or worried that their jobs might be in danger. In times like these, you need to do everything you can to protect your savings and finances.

So, if there’s only one reason to be thankful for your home warranty this year, it’s the budget protection it provides. Home repairs and appliance replacements tend to be expensive — even a cheap repair or replacement can cost a few hundred dollars — and you never know when you’re going to need one. Even in the best of economic times, it can  be hard to budget for these unexpected expenses. 

An American Home Shield home warranty helps you control the cost of home repairs and replacements and makes it easy to fit these costs into your budget. How much is a home warranty? They’re typically $300 to $500, maybe a little more if you include plan add-ons like pool and spa coverage or electronics protection. Your yearly plan costs can be spread out over the course of the year, so you know how much you can expect to pay to maintain your home systems and appliances each month. There are no surprises when it comes to trade service call fees, either. You’ll choose your fee when you purchase your plan, and we’re transparent with our coverage limitations and deductibles. 

What does a home warranty cover? The answer is most of the costs of repairing and replacing covered home systems and appliances. While some of the most expensive replacements, like HVAC replacement, might not be covered, your American Home Shield home warranty can defray thousands and save you from spending your entire savings on a home repair at a time when you need to hang on to every dollar.

Access to Reliable Service Professionals

If you’ve ever tried to hire a service professional on your own, you know how difficult it can be. Just finding someone who has time to come out and give you a quote can be hard, not to mention getting quotes from multiple service professionals and then vetting them by checking licenses, references, reviews and portfolios. 

When you buy a home warranty from American Home Shield, we’ll take care of all that for you. With just one phone call or one visit to your online members portal, you can arrange for service from a trusted local professional. We work with local service professionals all around the country, so you can get the service you need and still support a local tradesperson.

More Time for Yourself and Your Family

At times like these, it’s more important than ever to take time to spend with your family and focus on self-care. That’s already hard enough to do when you’re working from home, trying to help kids with virtual school, checking up on elderly relatives and neighbors, prepping your home for winter and just trying to get through 2020. But if something breaks down around the house and you’re worried about paying to fix it, you might use your precious free time trying to figure out how to fix it yourself. Even if you can afford to hire someone, you can easily spend days or weeks looking for a service professional. Placing a service request with American Home Shield will give you more time to spend with those most important to you.

The world might be going pretty crazy right now, but your home is still your castle. It’s your sanctuary, where you can be safe from the pandemic and relax. You deserve to keep your home just the way you like it, with everything in good working order. American Home Shield can help. Call or go online today to enjoy the benefits of a home warranty.