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Take Your Pick: 5 of Our Favorite Gifts for Busy Moms

Is the mom in your life feeling particularly stressed these days? Help her to relax a little — and know that she’s loved, of course — this Mother’s Day by giving her one (or more) of these top gifts for busy moms.

Massage gift for Mother's Day

1. Spa-aaaah Treatment

The busy mom in your life is likely always looking for ways to relieve stress, especially if she has a demanding job or rarely gets a break from the kids. That’s where the gift of a spa experience comes in. Whether it’s a massage or a facial, a manicure or a pedicure, any type of pampering will give her that boost she’s needed for a while.

2. Meal Kit Delivery

Looking for more unique Mother’s Day gift ideas? How about fresh meal ingredients delivered right to her door? With her back-to-back schedule, it’s tough for her to plan, purchase and prepare top-notch meals all the time. So why not let someone else do most of the work for her? Meal kit delivery services such as HelloFresh and Blue Apron pride themselves on delivering exciting meal options that include simple instructions and fresh, pre-measured ingredients. The best part is that most of the meals only take about 30 minutes to prepare. Want to really make her happy? Offer to cook the week (or more) of meals for her!

3. Landscaping Help

When it comes to gifts for moms, you can never go wrong with flowers. If you really want to take it up a notch, though, help her add some curb appeal with her landscaping. She may not have the time to dedicate to her flower beds or containers, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t wish they were in pristine shape. In fact, whether you hire a crew or do it yourself, having a healthy, well-manicured lawn is sure to put a smile on her face every time she pulls into the driveway.

4. A Deep Clean

Nothing relaxes her more than a clean house. And not just a “picked up” house — a truly deep-cleaned house. Take this dreaded chore off of her list, and let the professionals do the dirty work. Want to lend a hand? Work on tackling the garage.

5. Smart accessories

With her seemingly never-ending to-do list, it’s likely your mom has jumped on the “smart technology” bandwagon to keep her on track. Don’t let the bulkiness of her new accessories fool you — she’s still very much style conscious. Why not help her add that feminine touch to her smartphone and smart watch by gracing her with a new cover or band that matches her style? With so many options available, you’re sure to find some that complement her unique personality.

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