4 Heartfelt Home Projects You Can Do for Mother's Day

Everyone knows that the best Mother’s Day gifts come from the heart. This year, why not take your Mother’s Day gifting game to the next level by tackling a project around the house for your mom?

Plant tree for Mother's Day

Here are a few home improvement projects you can delight your mom with this Mother’s Day.

1. Frame Her Favorite Photos

Moms tend to take tons of photos of their children, but how often do they get around to printing, framing and displaying them? It's just one of those projects that always seems to get put on the back burner. Change that this Mother’s Day by choosing a few of Mom’s favorite family photos and having them framed.

Young kids can pick out their favorite photos of themselves with Mom and get Dad’s help with the framing and hanging. Adult children can go to Mom’s house with the pictures already framed and hang them on an empty wall as a fun surprise.

2. Give Her Living Room a Makeover

Make Mom smile by giving the living room a revamp for spring. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic — a few simple decorative changes can make a world of difference.

Switch out the pillows on the sofa with new ones in summery colors. Take down the heavy curtains and replace them with sheer fabrics to let the light in. Hang some new artwork on the wall, add a few potted plants and put a vase of fresh flowers on the coffee table. Voila!

3. Plant Some Flowers or a Tree

Instead of buying a bouquet of cut flowers for your mother this year, why not plant a tree or flowering bush to mark the special day? It’s a lasting memento that will bring her joy for years to come.

Take care in selecting the tree or plant. Pick one suitable for the climate, and don’t plant beneath power lines or too close to other trees or the street. Another nice thing to do would be to weed her flowerbeds or plant an herb garden in the back yard.

4. Complete an Unfinished Project

Has Mom been meaning to paint the spare bedroom or clean out the garage but never finds the time to do it herself? Mother’s Day is the perfect time to take care of those tasks for her.

Make a list of everything your mom needs done around the house. These can be can be little things, such as changing light bulbs, reorganizing the pantry, taking boxes up to the attic and refilling bird feeders. Or it can be a bigger project, such as updating the kitchen.

Whatever it is, come up with a plan of attack, recruit other family members to help and get to work. It will all be worth it to see the look on Mom’s face when you reveal your handiwork! Homemade Mother's Day Gifts are a great way to show Mom you care!

Happy Mother's Day!

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