10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Because It's Mom

We love our moms - so why wouldn't we want them to love what we can give back to them this Mothers Day? Here are 10 ideas to make this Mother's Day the best Mothers Day of all. 

mother's day gifts

When is Mother’s Day? Sunday, May 8th, 2022. And when is Mom your real-life superhero? Everyday. Go, go, go. Plan, purchase, pack. Take care of this. Handle that. It takes a special woman to be a mother. And now’s the perfect time to let her know how much you appreciate her — and how much she deserves a good pampering — with one (or more!) of these 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas.

1. Stress-Relieving Bath Accessories

Let’s face it: As much as she loves her family, she’s probably not going to pass up a little “me time” if it’s offered — especially if you make it extra special for her. Bathtub caddy and pillow? Candles? Stemless wine glass? What woman wouldn’t enjoy that?!

2. Well-Being Essentials

Do you think Mom would be interested in improving her health, increasing her energy or sleeping better? Then she might also be interested in trying essential oils. In fact, many people swear by the many benefits of diffusing essential oils throughout the house.

3. A Time-Saving Subscription Service

With her busy schedule, it’s likely she doesn’t have a lot of time to plan exciting meals or shop for the latest trends. But you know what she always has time for? Receiving fun subscription boxes at the front door!

4. Florals for Days

Of course she’ll always appreciate a beautiful bouquet. If you’re looking to kick the floral game up a notch, however, consider creating a personalized succulent garden for her or switching out the roses for some air-purifying plants.

5. Artistic Inspiration

She may not have honed in her painting skills perfectly yet, but you’d never know with a ready-to-paint kit. After all, she’s a mom — she loves showing off handmade art!

6. Personalized Present(s)

A simple necklace with pendants engraved with her kids’ initials… A custom-framed collage of her favorite photos… A handmade piece of pottery… The personalization possibilities are endless. And she’s guaranteed to love it!

7. A New, Shiny Appliance

Noticed that her “pin boards” are full of 5-minute pressure cooker recipes? Low-calorie air fryer recipes? Maybe even images of remodeled kitchens with shiny, new, state-of-the-art appliances? That just may be her subtle way of saying “hint, hint.”

8. A Thorough Spring Cleaning

What’s better than relaxing in a freshly cleaned house? Relaxing in a freshly cleaned house without having to lift a finger to get it clean. Warning: A whole-home deep clean by someone else is highly addictive. In fact, it may become your new go-to gift — but she won’t complain one bit.

9. Her Very Own Personal Assistant

As a mom, she has A LOT on her to-do list. Why not make it easier on her by providing a personal assistant? No, you don’t have to clear out the guest room. Simply purchase a voice-controlled device that can answer questions, tell her the news and weather, set a timer, etc.

10. Some New Threads

When’s the last time she actually went on a clothes shopping spree for herself? Even if you give her a gift card and send her on her way, this gift will be one she’ll thoroughly enjoy!

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