What They Really Want: Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Gift ideas for new homeowners


If you know someone who has just moved into a new home, you may not want to go the typical bottle of wine housewarming gift route. Instead, get something that he or she can both enjoy and use. Here are a few gift ideas for new homeowners that will be helpful now and down the road.


Chances are, the new homeowners have a long to-do list for their new home. And, chances are, they wouldn’t turn down any help knocking items off the list. Do you love organizing cabinets and drawers? Painting walls? Deep cleaning? You may be their new best friend! The best part? You don’t have to be an expert at home improvement to lend a helping hand. Simply moving furniture around with them or watching over their children while they tackle other tasks can help tremendously.


You may think that giving people cash or gift cards is impersonal, but in this case, they’ll love you for it. From changing out doorknobs in the new digs to picking out the perfect piece of art to hang over the dining room table, your monetary donation to the effort can be a huge boost to their DIY self-esteem. Besides, if you let them make the purchases, you can ensure what they buy will match their particular tastes (taking major pressure off of you!).


Are you an old pro at being a homeowner? What have you learned throughout the years that you think the newbies need to know? Do you have some go-to tools that you’re sure they need to include in their stockpile? Can’t-live-without-it yard equipment? Give them an inside look at being a seasoned homeowner by equipping them with your knowledge and experience — and maybe one or two of your must-haves.

Professional Expertise

Do their new trees need trimming? Carpet need a thorough cleaning? Consider paying to have a professional (licensed and bonded, if necessary) come out and take care of something that the new homeowners may not have budgeted for just yet. It will be a pleasant — and extremely helpful — surprise!

Worry-Free Living

Between all of the costs of buying a new home and the moving expenses that go hand in hand with it, the new homeowners likely feel pretty drained financially. So what’s the last thing they need? A major appliance breakdown or pest infestation. If you’re feeling particularly generous, consider purchasing or contributing to the cost of a home warranty and/or pest control plan. Saving them from the burden of costly treatments, repairs and potential replacements will certainly show how much they mean to you!

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