10 Rain-Day Activities for the Family

Rainy days don't need to be spent in boredom. Here are 10 things to do on a rainy day with the family, and you don't need any special equipment.

Family time with puzzle

When the skies are blue and the sun is shining, nothing is better. Laughter fills the air and kids are free to enjoy the great outdoors. But a sudden summer shower can put a damper on the fun with little-to-no warning. Luckily, there are plenty of smart and savvy tips to keep your little ones entertained on those soggy summer days.

1. Dress up!

Are you comfortable with your kids diving into your closet and dragging out some of your more hilarious outfits of years gone by? If so, your family is ready for a one-of-a-kind silly fashion show!

2. Write letters!

You remember letters, right? Snail mail? Well, break out the pen and paper and let your kids compose messages to out-of-town family and friends.

3. Indoor obstacle course!

Have your kids design an indoor course full of fun challenges. Incorporate everyday household items like laundry baskets, hula hoops, and step stools to create silly obstacles. Once your course is set, have them compete to see who can get the fastest time.

4. Fort free time!

Break out the blankets and pillows and help your kids make a dream fort. Within minutes you can create a perfect summer reading nook, or maybe a secluded play palace.

5. Puzzle time!

Many hands make for light work when it comes to puzzles. Give your kids assignments – one can look for edge pieces, while another hunts down pieces of certain colors or shapes. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can knock a 500-piece masterpiece when you all work together!

6. The floor is lava!

This perennial kid favorite never fails to entertain. Have everyone climb onto a piece of furniture. Toss out a few pillows on the floor and then announce that the floor is now (make believe) lava.

7. Karaoke concert!

That’s not a living room, it’s a massive stadium packed with thousands of screaming, adoring fans! Build a set list of your child’s favorite songs, give them a hair brush to serve as a microphone and let them rock the house down. Maybe even join in for a duet during the encore?

8. Family scavenger hunt!

This one is pretty straight forward – write out a list of clues and hints to everyday items in your house and have your kids track them down. This can also serve as an opportunity to give a fun history lesson to family heirlooms and pictures in your house, giving your children greater context and appreciation for items in your home.

9. Color fun!

Almost every house has a closet with a stack of uncolored coloring books. This is your chance to break those books out! Turn your kids loose and see what kind of vivid masterpieces they can create.

10. Scrapbooks!

You probably have a few hundred digital photos on your phone. Maybe a few thousand backed up to the cloud. All of those dance recitals and class parties you meant to print out and frame… Well, here is the perfect chance to do just that. Have your kids help find the memories truly worth preserving. If printing and pasting into a scrapbook seems a little too crafty for you, there are several online businesses that will help you create a pristine, printed scrapbook.


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