Celebrate the Beauty of Fall With These Easy Crafts

Easy and fun ideas for Fall crafts! Get your home and family into the fall spirit with these simple DIYs.

Creating DIY autumn crafts

Fall is the season for Halloween, Thanksgiving, football and fellowship. It is also prime time to show off your decorating skills. Check out these easy DIY projects to do around your house that welcome your guests and the change in seasons.


Pressed leaf art
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Colorful Fall Leaf Art

Yep, they don’t call it fall for nothing. The leaves are falling everywhere. But before they do, some are absolutely brilliant. Yellow and orange, tan, green and fire engine red. Colors on your palette. You, as well as your children, can collect them from the ground if you don’t wait until they are too dried out. If you are the artsy type, prone to break out the easel and brushes, better get to it. If you are not quite that artsy, you can still be creative with all those fall leaves. One way is to make a fall wreath. Add in some pine cones and beautiful mums to go with your collection of leaves. And for art that you can pull out year after year, dry or press the leaves for use in displays or placed between panes of glass and framed as natural art.

AHS Tip: If you’re looking for a decoration that can easily transition into winter, consider making a simple pine cone wreath instead of a fall leaf one.

Metallic wreath
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Metallic Magnolia Leaf Wreath

For a trendy twist on the season, get out your spray paint and make this stunning metallic magnolia leaf wreath. You’ll need about one hundred preserved magnolia leaves. Using metallic spray paints, paint them gold, silver, copper and champagne. Then, apply gold liquid leaf to the ones painted champagne. After they are dry, seal all the leaves with spray Shellac, and allow them to dry overnight. To assemble the wreath, take a 16-inch foam wreath, secure hanging wire on it and wrap it with gold-colored ribbon. Then, begin using a hot glue gun to attach the leaves, gluing them at the base of the leaves and overlapping them. Mix up the colors however you’d like to create a personalized masterpiece.

Wax lanterns
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Wax Paper Leaf Lanterns

Use those beautiful fall leaves for easy DIY wax paper leaf lanterns. Simply fold a piece of wax paper in half and cut the folded wax paper into four 8x8-inch squares. Unfold each square, place a leaf or two inside and fold them back. Then, cover them with an ironing cloth and carefully run an iron over each one until the wax paper sides melt together. Using Washi tape, join the squares together at each side, making a square lantern. Place a candle inside and voila!

Pumpkin pots crafts
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Pumpkin Flower Pot

There are more pumpkins on the local parking lot pumpkin patches than there will be front porch jack-o-lanterns. Put those excess pumpkins to work! One fitting way? Display the gorgeous flowers and plants of fall in a pumpkin flower pot. Just cut the top off of a pumpkin and clean it out. Drill a small drain hole in the bottom and fill the bottom with small pea gravel. Fill half of the “pot” with indoor potting soil, and then simply add a mix of mums and other flowers and grasses to your liking. Be sure to water the plants thoroughly the first time, but don’t overwater them afterward to keep the pumpkin from rotting. For a real eye-catcher, use different sized pumpkins to make an interesting arrangement of the colors of fall.

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