Honey-Do: DIY Valentine's Day Ideas for Him or Her

Give your Valentine a gift that shows you truly care! Create a bonus room, finish that home repair, resurface hardwood floors or gift an appliance or she shed. 

Plan bonus room

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A holiday that’s generally celebrated with overpriced roses and dinner in a crowded restaurant alongside a hundred other couples. While the token gifts of flowers and jewelry are nice, this year, give your valentine a gift that really shows your love: a completed honey-do list.

Has your significant other wanted a few things done around the house or been staring longingly at Pinterest boards full of beautiful reading nooks? Make dreams come true by completing a household project for a gift your significant other will never forget. Here are five DIY Valentine's Day ideas that will have your valentine feeling the love...

How To Create A Bonus Room

Chances are your valentine has a hobby or interest that he or she would love more space for. Maybe she would appreciate a sewing room to quilt or design clothes in, or perhaps he would prefer a man cave to watch the game with friends. Whatever it is used for, a bonus room outshines any bouquet of flowers or teddy bear when it comes to gifts.

Creating a bonus room is pretty simple. First, find some unused space in your home, whether it’s a spare closet, an attic, the basement or an extra bedroom, to convert into the room of your valentine's dreams.

Spend some time decluttering the space and evaluate if there are any repairs needed. Chores, such as patching drywall or adding flooring, can be done by you or outsourced. Does your valentine have a favorite color? If so, paint an accent wall in that color!

Fix That One Thing

Every home has that one thing; something that’s inefficient and annoying, but somehow no one ever gets around to fixing. Whether it’s a faulty light switch that doesn’t work or a TV that has been leaning against a wall, waiting for months to be mounted, fix that one thing and delight your sweetie.

Resurface Hardwood Floors

If your wood floors have had a lot of use over the years and are looking a bit dingy, consider resurfacing hardwood floors to bring back the shine. While there are many places that rent the tools to make this a DIY job, resurfacing wood floors is a task that’s best left to professionals, as mistakes can be costly. You could end up with dips and grooves in the wood or an uneven stain job that will leave your valentine feeling more sour than sweet.

Give A Home Appliance

While a new appliance may not seem like the most romantic of gifts, the time and energy saved by a more efficient appliance over an outdated one can feel like the gift that keeps on giving. If there’s an appliance your significant other continually complains about, consider replacing it as a surprise. Make sure you offer to do the chore yourself as part of the gift! Depending on the appliance, it may be covered by an AHS Home Warranty.

Gift a She Shed

She Sheds are all the rage these days. They’re the female equivalent of the man cave, except they’re housed in an outdoor shed. Done properly, She Sheds can provide a relaxing retreat that makes your backyard feel like an oasis. There are no set rules about what a She Shed must look like or contain. A quick internet search will show you everything you need to know to get started or check out these six ideas on who how to create the ultimate She Shed.

Design the shed around her favorite hobbies to create a gardening shed, a reading nook where she can curl up with a pile of books or an art studio where she can paint for hours. Don’t forget to put a big bow on the front door to make your valentine smile.

Any project that you do for your Valentine will be showing them you care. However, if you don't have the time to invest in a project, a home warranty always makes a great gift any time of the year. American Home Shield is here to help you find a home warranty that fits your needs.

AHS assumes no responsibility, and specifically disclaims all liability, for your use of any and all information contained herein.

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