9 Cool Tools for Dad This Father's Day

Does Dad love to do his own home repairs? Is he always looking through his toolbox? If so, then these ingenious tools are perfect additions to his tool kit! 

Tools for dad's toolkit on Father's Day

Dad’s toolbox holds more than a handyman’s bare necessities. Inside it are some great ideas for the perfect Father's Day gift. Maybe there’s some new gadget he has been itching to try, or he still hasn’t replaced a lent-out favorite that never got returned — maybe he just needs to upgrade a power tool that doesn’t have the oomph it used to. Whatever the case, Father’s Day is a great time to say “thank you” to the dad in your life with a gift sure to inspire his next project around the house. Check out these9 cool tools for Dad!

1. Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

At a little under 4 inches in length and weighing only 7 ounces, the pocket-friendly Wingman is a “starter version” of Leatherman’s famous lots-of-tools-in-one tools. But this is still a rugged and serious piece of equipment. It sports two types of pliers, several screwdrivers, a utility knife, wire strippers, spring-action scissors, and even a can opener. The Wingman’s most intriguing feature, however, is its package opener, the “angled tool allows for easy opening of tough packaging material such as theft-deterrent plastic or packing tape.” In other words, a perfect tool for Father's Day!

2. Werner Podium Stepladder

No more will Dad have to teeter on rungs and lean painfully on his shins in order to change a light bulb or clean out the rain gutters. Each of the stepladders in Werner’s podium line features a square platform that provides plenty of room to turn around — even a full 360 degrees. Some models also feature a curved railing Dad can use to steady himself if he needs to lean out. He can even hang his tools there for extra convenience.

3. Kobalt 227-Piece Standard and Metric Mechanic’s Tool Set

Every handyman needs a good socket set, especially if he enjoys doing work under the hood. This comprehensive collection from Kobalt includes 117 individual sockets (6- and 12-point ), multiple extensions and support for three separate ratchet sizes. It all comes in its own organizer, where Dad will also find 30 combo wrenches, an array of hex keys, and a multi-bit driver.

4. Waterloo Rolling Tool Cabinet

If Dad is dealing with toolbox overflow, he probably needs more storage than anything else. He can fill a tool chest on a wheel-around cabinet with the tools he uses most all around the garage. This will save him from having to walk back and forth to the workbench (or make you do it!) since everything he needs is right at his fingertips. Waterloo has many styles and sizes to choose from.

5. Pressure Washer

Being a dad means cleaning the patio, the patio furniture, the deck, the car, the boat, the lawnmower, the siding — the list goes on. A pressure washer will let him get the job done quickly and efficiently. Compared to a garden hose and scrub brush, pressure washers save time and elbow grease. As a bonus, they also use about one-fifth the water, meaning lower monthly bills. 

6. Makita 18V Brushless Impact Driver

An impact tool makes driving screws, nuts, and bolts a snap. And the latest models are outfitted with incredibly brushless motors, which are quieter, more durable and last longer than old-fashioned electric motors. Makita’s lightweight cordless model runs on a lithium-ion battery, but it still delivers plenty of driving and fastening power.

7. Ryobi Sonic Distance Measure

With this hi-tech take on the trusty tape measure, all it takes is a single press of a button for dad to take instant measurements. This Ryobi model is good for distances up to 30 feet, allows for conversion between imperial and metric units and uses a built-in laser pointer to deliver super-accurate results.

8. Craftsman Lighted Magnetic Pick-up Tool

Working around the house means working with nails, screws, washer and other small objects that like to slip out of your hands and into hard-to-reach places. Help relieve Dad’s handyman frustration with this combination flashlight and telescoping magnet. The textured handle ensures a good grip, and Dad might need it — this toll can latch onto and lift as much as 5 pounds of metal.

9. Rockler Bench Cookies

They may look like they belong more at the hockey rink than in Dad’s workshop, but these devices have become incredibly popular with carpenters since being introduced a few years ago. With their help, Dad can stabilize the piece he’s sawing, sanding, carving or routing without setting up clunky clamps. The soft rubber on these cookies won’t leave an imprint or mar the surface of the workpiece. Ingenuity without all the bells and whistles — just like Dad taught you!

With these handy tools for Dad, yours is sure to have a great Father's Day. And if your dad isn't a handyman, consider making a homemade gift for Father's Day or letting him take a break! Regardless of what you choose to give your Dad, showing your appreciation is what means the most.

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