Valentine's Cards for our Appliances

Our hardworking appliances that serve us everyday also deserve gratitude on Valentine's Day. We've made our special home appliances a few special Valentine's cards.

Aren't appliances great? They make our daily lives so much better and easier. They bring efficiency and convenience to our busy lives without ever needing much more than a functioning GFCI outlet and an occasional wipe from a clean sponge. You could even say we're in love with our appliances. That's why, this Valentine's Day, we wanted to show our gratitude and express our true feelings for those beautiful machines with some fun, warm expressions of love. We hope you enjoy, and please feel free to share!

To my water heater:

Water heater

Who doesn't love a hot shower? Enjoy one any time you want by ensuring your water heater is in tip-top shape every day of the year: video

To my refrigerator:


That big lug is there for you and helps you bring home the bacon—by keeping it fresh. Follow these quick tips to show how much you love it by helping it run as efficiently as possible: Energy Tip: 7 Steps to a More Efficient Refrigerator

To my stove:


You’re looking for a long-term relationship when it comes to investing in a stove. Find The One that fits your needs by exploring whether a gas range or electric unit is right for you: Gas Stove vs Electric Stove

To my shower:


Is your love circling the drain? Even worse, has it come to a standstill? Get that romance back by learning how to unclog your shower drain without having to call the plumber.

To my smoke detector:

Smoke alarm

You rely on your smoke detector to keep you and the family safe. That’s an important relationship. Give your smoke detector the attention it needs and it will be there for you when you need it most.

To my microwave:


Whether it’s last night’s leftovers or a bag of buttery popcorn, your microwave does so much to keep you fulfilled—or at least full. Don’t let that relationship burn out by knowing what you should never put in your microwave.

To my washer:


What would you do without your washer? It keeps you looking good—even after you spilled your romantic Italian dinner down your shirt. Give your washer what it needs to keep running strong by using the best detergent.

To my dryer:


Your dryer keeps your clothes and linens fresh and fluffy—what more could you ask for? Give your laundry companion a long and happy life with regular maintenance and lint trap checks.

To my garbage disposal:

Garbage disposal

Who takes your garbage time and again, no questions asked? Keep your plates clean, your sink clear and everything smelling fresh (on the cheap) with these creative ideas to clean your garbage disposal.

To my garage door:

garage door

Beauty is only skin deep. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. So, while we love a fashionable garage door to up our curb appeal, knowing how to make the most of our garage is really what gets us excited.

To my ceiling fan:

Ceiling Fan

Keeping things moving is a great way to really make sure your relationship stays strong. Sometimes, however, you need to switch it up and change direction. See how you can make best use of your ceiling fan to keep you comfortable throughout the year.

To my pipes/plumbing:


The plumbing system is the unsung hero of your home. It brings you fresh water to drink and carries away the dirty waste water you don't want to deal with. Sometimes, things can freeze over and break, leaving a giant mess. Keep things flowing smoothly during the hard winter months with these preventative measures, and you'll enjoy clear lines and happy times.

To my pool/spa:

garage door

Jumping into pool maintenance can be as easy as opening up an app. Use your smartphone to keep tabs on your chlorinated love bug and keep it dive-in ready every day of the year.

To my A/C:

air conditioner

When the temperatures start to climb, you need your air conditioner to keep it cool all summer long. Show your A/C some love with these easy troubleshoots.

Sometimes, our lovely appliances need a little bit of extra TLC. When the unit or machine you rely on needs some repairs, assistance from a home warranty can help you get your appliance back in working order without extra costs or the hassle of finding a contractor. Learn how American Home Shield® can help make your love last.

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