10 Things Mom Wanted for Mother’s Day and What She Really Got

Mother's Day flowers, appreciation, and love are all a part of what makes Mother's Day special. Except when expectations meet reality and you receive these gifts instead.

What Moms want and what they actually get is one of life's great ironies. And no more so than on the holiday in their honor, Mother’s Day. While there are countless stories of botched Mother’s Day plans, here are ten of our favorites.

What to do and what not to do for Mother's Day

Child making mess on table

She wanted a Mother's Day Card.
She got her dining room table refinished with finger paint and good intentions.

Bubbles coming from dishwasher

She wanted breakfast-in-bed.
She got an overloaded dishwasher full of off-the-floor French toast and charred things scramble.

Laundry pile

She wanted someone to do the laundry.
She got a broken dryer and clothes hangers.

Laundry pile

She wanted a quiet night in front of the TV.
She got to watch the kids act out every scene of her favorite show in front of the TV.

Child picking flowers

She wanted flowers.
She got all her rose bushes pruned when the kids got her those flowers.

Cooler stocked with food

She wanted a new refrigerator.
She got a new cooler to hold all the food from the old refrigerator after her husband decided to "fix" it.

Easter basket with goodies

She wanted a Mother's Day gift basket.
She got last year’s Easter basket.

Icon showing app purchase

She wanted a simple Mother’s Day text.
She got a bill for in-app purchases from her son.

Child writing on wall

She wanted a Mother's Day poem.
She got a crayon limerick on the living room wall.

Old stovetop and oven

She wanted the finest household appliances.
She got gently used discount appliances.

It wouldn’t be Mother's Day without a few well-meaning mishaps. That’s why the best gift you can get Mom this year is the peace of mind that comes with an AHS Home Warranty. Now, when Dad breaks the stove making Mom his famous eggs benedict, it’s a good story instead of a disaster.

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