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Lawn & Garden Articles

Discover the best in lawn and garden from inspiring landscaping ideas, insightful gardening tips and exterior home repairs that will amp your curb appeal and create the best-looking home on the block. Discover the best in lawn and garden form inspiring landscaping ideas, insightful gardening tips and exterior home repairs that will have turn your house into the best-looking home on the block.

7 Ways to Use Ground Covers in Your Yard

Ground cover plants can do more for your yard than you realize. Check out these 7 ideas to see how.

Caring for Houseplants Through the Winter Months

Even though they're inside, your house plants might still need some extra maintenance in the winter. Learn how to take care of all your indoor plants in the cold months.

Tips for Snow Removal to Help You This Winter

Everyone hates shoveling snow. It's hard work that can be dangerous in some ways. Use these tips to help you through the winter while you try to dig your car out.

Backyard Tips: Yearly Planting Calendar

Start the new year off with a great garden that stays healthy and looking good all year. Use this calendar to know what to plant and when.

6 Ideas to Spice Up Your Outdoor Area on a Budget

Whether it's your front door or your backyard, we have some ideas how you can change things up without breaking the bank. Use these tips to spice up your outdoor area for the summer when you have family and friends over.

3 Tips for Installing Outdoor Solar Lights

Need better lighting for nights in your backyard? Check out these tips for installing outdoor solar lights in your yard this summer.

10 Best Ideas to Get More Shade in the Backyard

Need more shade in your backyard throughout the day to enjoy summer afternoon? Check out these ideas to see if any of them can work in your yard.

Is Artificial Grass the Right Choice for Your Lawn?

Growing and maintaining your lawn can get tiresome quick. Learn about why so many people are switching over to artificial turf. Fake grass can be easier to care for, and still looks great!

Ideas for Kid-friendly DIY Home and Yard Projects

Want to spend time with your kids, but need to work on home projects? Have fun with your kids and get work done with these fun DIY home project ideas.

Don’t Call The Plumber Just Yet: DIY Yard Draining Solutions

Improper yard drainage is more than just an eye sore. It can prevent your grass and flowers from growing. These simple solutions can help solve the problem.

How to Effectively Water Your Lawn

Timing is an important factor in lawn watering with early morning hours being best. Another tip is knowing how much water is enough water. AHS has all the tips for a lush green lawn.

8 Patio and Deck Ideas That Won't Break the Budget

Here are 8 inexpensive patio and deck ideas that won't end up breaking the budget or your back. From pallets to experimenting with color accents now - take your patio to the next level!

Boost Your Curb Appeal with These Landscaping Tips for Beginners

Ready to landscape, but not sure where to start? We offer easy ideas requiring little skill to get your yard looking its best and keeping it that way.

How to Keep Your Outdoor Faucet in Peak Condition

Is your outdoor hose spigot leaking or cracked? Learn how to keep your outdoor faucet in good condition, no matter how cold or how warm the weather is.

Winter Lawn Care Tips: How to Protect Grass in Winter

Love your lawn, but hate how winter makes it a brown mess when spring arrives? Use these winter lawn care tips to protect your grass so you'll have green grass in spring.

How to Protect Your Plants This Winter

Love your plants, but they hate the cold? Whether you have an outdoor garden or potted plants, follow these tips to protect your blooms from the winter cold.

Protecting Your Patio Furniture: Steps for Maintenance and Cleaning

Don't let ratty patio furniture ruin your outdoor space. AHS gives tips on how to keep your furniture looking its best, no matter if it's wicker, metal or wood.

9 Must-Have Lawn Care Tools - What You Need Now

Good quality tools are essential for ensuring a healthy lawn, and using the right tool for the job makes maintenance a breeze. No matter the size of your yard, here are the lawn care basics you'll need to keep your yard looking its best.

Energy-Efficient Landscaping — Simple Ideas For Your Yard

Looking to reduce your utility bills? Energy-efficient landscaping can make your home more comfortable while conserving vital natural resources.

Push or Ride: How to Choose a Lawn Mower [With Graphic]

Not sure what kind of lawn mower you need? Then learn more about what to consider when deciding between manual, electric, push, self-propelled or riding mowers.

Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away: How to Build a Rain Garden

Tackle those yard drainage issues once and for all with an eye-catching rainwater garden — one of the best, low-maintenance investments you can make for your home.

Why Do I Have Standing Water in my Yard?

Standing water can be caused by many things: soil that doesn't absorb water, grading issues, etc. Try these drainage solutions to keep your yard above water.

Watering 101: How to Use Lawn Sprinklers Without Wasting Water

Here are some ways to conserve water — and, in turn, help you save on your water bill — while utilizing sprinklers.

Simple Landscaping Ideas For Your Lawn

Spring is one of the best times to start your lawn care routine. Discover these simple landscaping ideas for your lawn from the Home Matters experts.

Create an Outdoor Living Area You'll Love

Being outdoors can be as comfortable as being indoors! Entertain, cook, or sit back and relax. Just use these tips to create your dream outdoor living space!

How-To: Starting a Home Vegetable Garden

Ready to grow your own food, but not sure where to start? Here is the ultimate beginner's guide to growing veggies! Follow the guide and watch those veggies grow.

Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Home Garden

Ready to grow your own food? Don't be afraid! Starting a vegetable garden is possible and doable. Discover which are the easiest vegetables to grow.

National Garden Month: Can You Dig It?

April is National Garden Month. Learn how to make the most out of your garden, whether you grow vegetables or flowers. We have simple tips to help your garden grow.

Landscaping for Beginners: Love for the Outdoors Not Required

Ready to landscape, but not sure where to start? Here are some ideas requiring little skill to get your yard looking its best and keeping it that way. 

What to Know Before Starting a Garden in the Spring

Starting a garden can be both fun and rewarding. Not sure how to begin or what type of garden to grow? AHS can help with these beginner gardening tips!

Patio Heaters: Which One Is Right For You?

Patio heaters can help create a comfortable environment for late-summer fun, enabling homeowners to make extended use of their revamped backyard patios, decks, porches and outdoor living spaces. 

7 Best Succulent Plants For Your Home and Garden

Learning how to plant succulent plants has become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Check out this article and find out why.

How to Keep Your Succulent Container Garden Alive

It’s easy to understand why succulent plants are such a growing trend in gardening. Read on and learn how to make and take care of your succulent container garden. It’s easier than you think.

Luxury Market Trend Alert: Get More Green For Green Homes And Sell Faster

Green homes are selling faster and buyers are willing to pay more for the long-term savings they offer. It's a growing trend in the luxury market that can help you grow your business.

Backyard Patio DIY Revamps

Spruce up your lawn and garden with DIY backyard patio inspiration for revamps on your backyard patio.

7 Drought Tolerant Plants for Your Home Garden

During the summer, when your lawn and garden is in danger of drying up in the sun, plant one of these drought resistant plants to liven up your yard. Learn more here.

How to Enhance Your Home's Exterior With Landscape Lighting

Illuminating your exterior with landscape lighting is a great way to make your home stand out after the sun goes down. It also provides added security and peace of mind. Read on for some great tips and easy instructions for installing landscape lighting.

DIY: How to Trim Trees at Home

Pruning and trimming your trees creates and beautiful and luscious lawn and garden. Learn how to trim trees at home from the Home Matters experts.

How to Kill and Prevent Common Weeds for Better Lawn Maintenance

Prevent and remove common weeds with simple instructional steps from Home Matters.

Tree Trimming Basics for Better Home Maintenance

Pruning your trees can be beneficial for your home's curb appeal as well as prevent possible damage during a strong storm. Here's some helpful advice on how to get started.

6 Amazing Patio Designs for Your Backyard Pool Party

Inspiring patio designs and patios for your backyard pool party. Discover beautiful patio designs from outdoor kitchens, terraces, lighting and outdoor furniture.

Tree Roots vs. Sewer Pipes: 5 Ways to Win The Underground Battle

Tree Roots in drain pipes can be a major problem in the home. Learn the best tips to killing tree roots in your sewer pipes.

15 Worthwhile Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day

Save the earth and celebrate Earth Day with meaningful ideas to help the environment from recycling, composting, sustainability and more.

How to Begin Composting at Home: Composting 101

Composting is great eco-friendly solution to managing household waste. Learn how to begin composting at home with expert tips so you can live more green.

Becoming a Lean, Green, Gardening Machine

National Nutrition Month is here and we've got the best tips to help with creating your very own backyard garden. Read on for healthy recipes, gardening ideas, and more.

Which Type of Garden is Right for Your Home?

Taking on a new landscaping project but don't know what kind of backyard garden would be best? Take The Home Matters personalized garden quiz to find out.

Ready, Set, Play: 6 Homemade Games for the Outdoors

Instead of sitting around and admiring your backyard, why not have fun playing outdoor games with family and friends? Here are some crafty and inexpensive games and activities you can incorporate into your backyard.

Get Out! 7 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Tips to Inspire Al Fresco Dining

Outdoor kitchen and dining areas are great for entertaining family and friends on a beautiful evening. These 7 ideas will inspire you to dine in the outdoors.

DIY Bird Feeders That Will Have Them Flocking Back For More

Turn any window into a room with a view by adding a bird feeder outside of it. These DIY bird feeders are simple, but will have the birds begging for more.

Get the Most Out of the Outdoors: 6 DIY Fire Pit Ideas

If you want to add a little more flair to your gathering, fire pits can enhance your backyard’s atmosphere -- and you can build one yourself! Here are a few of our favorites to make your backyard the go-to location for any party.

5 Covetable DIY Backyard BBQ Islands

With all the options available out there, you should have no trouble creating a one-of-a-kind DIY grill island that’ll make you the envy of the neighborhood — and the hottest dinner ticket in town.

Get the Most Out of Compost

Composting isn't just for the people living off the grid anymore. Organic recycling can benefit any household, regardless of whether you're in a brownstone or barn. Still not convinced? We reached out to Jennie Lyon of Sweet Greens for even more advice.

Summer Gardening for On-the-Go Families

Summer seems to be the busiest season: weekend trips, play dates, and more - yet you do not have the time to spend in your home garden. To achieve that green landscape with limited time, here are some tips that will give you time to maintain your garden.

Simple and Quick Curb Appeal Tips

If you want to spruce up your front lawn appeal, but find the idea too overwhelming to undertake, or if you’re simply short on time or funds, here are some quick tips to boost your home’s curb appeal.

How To Get a Backyard Makeover on a Budget

An attractive outdoor living space doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many budget-friendly ways to make your backyard appealing and ready for summertime entertaining.

Spring is Blooming. Unfortunately, so are Allergies.

The harsh winter may be coming to a close, but springtime brings some of its own problems; allergies. From itchy, watery eyes to early morning sore throats, springtime allergies attack on all fronts. Here’s some advice for staying prepared.

Bugs are Back. Be Ready for Them.

The excitement of backyard BBQ’s and everything outdoors tend to distract us from one of springtime’s most unwelcomed house guests; insects. Stay ahead of the game and learn how to properly defend you and your home against these annoying pests.

Full-Proof Tips for Growing Your Best Winter Garden (With Recipe)

If you’re an avid gardener who’s counting the days until spring, you may be looking for other ways to practice your hobby during these long winter months. There are many winter plants that you can cultivate to satisfy your urges and save you money.

4 Things to Do with All Those Fall Leaves

Yes, you can bag them up and put them out on the curb. But if you’re looking to get more creative with your crop of fallen leaves this autumn, you have a few sustainable, useful options. Check out these tips:

7 Ways to Prep Your Lawn and Garden for Fall

Fall is the harvest season, but it’s also the best time to prepare for spring growth. Make the most of fall’s ideal conditions by following these tips for a lush and healthy spring landscape.

How to Eat with the Season This August

Eating in-season produce is a great way to save money and support local farmers. And late July and August are some of the best times to find high-quality, succulent produce at great prices. Check out what’s in season this summer.

5 of the Best Plants for Mosquitoes

Nothing can spoil your enjoyment of the great outdoors quite like mosquitoes. Fortunately, there’s a variety of mosquito repelling plants and herbs out there. Learn more here.

Need a New Grill? 4 Hot Tips on How To Buy

One of the best things about owning a home is that you can barbecue in your own backyard. With summer just around the bend, here are some things you should consider if you’re thinking about buying a new grill.

From the Ground Up: 10 Rules to Grow Your Best Veggie Garden

They say, “Luck favors the prepared.” That holds true for gardening, too. If you follow these 10 simple rules, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor before you know it.

Grow Your Own Food: Hassle-free Organic Gardening

Growing your own organic vegetables and herbs may seem like a lot of work, but it’s really not that difficult. Here are some simple steps you can take to help ensure that the food in your family’s garden is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Mid-Summer Tip:The Better-Late-Than-Never Garden

Better late than never when it comes to gardening! Browse here for tips on how to make the most of your garden, even late in the summer season.

Fall Tips - Fall Gardening Advice Worth Cultivating

Now is the time to spring into action. Browse here for all your spring lawn care tips, tricks and needs.

Spring Tips - Spring into Action

Now is the time to spring into action. Browse here for all your spring lawn care tips, tricks and needs.