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Guide Listing

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Shield Yourself: Safety Tips for Real Estate Professionals

AHS® Safety Guide for Real Estate Professionals for tips on how to take sensible precautions while out in the field.


4 Ways to Keep Your Saltwater Spa Enjoyable

Check and balance your water's salt level regularly, as well as test the water's alkalinity and pH. Since chlorine is a sanitizing by-product of the salt, you'll also need to check the chlorine level.


3 Reminders for Electrical Safety

As our lives become increasingly more digital, it's important to keep a watchful eye on just how much electricity we use on a daily basis. Here are a few reminders on how to safely stay plugged-in.


3 Tips for Avoiding Faulty A/C Filters

Clean A/C filters are essential to staying comfortable during the hot summer months. They also help your air conditioning system run more efficiently, which can save energy costs and may also improve your home's indoor air quality.


Five Fresh Refrigerator Tips

Unsure of the optimal interior refrigerator temperature? Use an appliance thermometer to check the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer compartments. They should be 37 and 0 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively.


Keep Your Saltwater Pool Comfortable With These Pointers

Saltwater pools have many advantages. When the system runs correctly it can be more economical and, according to many people, more comfortable on the skin. While they are known for needing less care than chlorine pools, they still require some regular mai