Sodding a Lawn

No matter where you live, winter can take its toll on your lawn.

Qualified professionals can help assess the extent of the problem and advise you of your options to get your lawn looking healthy.

You should hire a pro if:

  • You need to completely reseed or re-sod your lawn, or you are laying an entirely new lawn.
  • You want to fill in bare spots or revive a lawn that is thin or damaged.
  • You don’t want to get your hands dirty, or you’re just not up to a big landscaping project.

A complete lawn re-sodding, or laying sod for a new lawn, is a job best left to a professional service that has access to trucks and manpower to transport and place the heavy pieces of turf. Sod is expensive, and you do not want to risk losing your investment.

If you need help determining whether to reseed or lay sod this spring, consider hiring a qualified service like TruGreen® to diagnose and treat the problems. You can also learn more by watching this video: