DIY Tips

Is Your Garbage Disposal Not Turning On?

Watch this step-by-step video to help you fix your garbage disposal. 


Make sure the garbage disposal is plugged .

Keep in mind some garbage disposals are hard-wired so they will not have a plug.


See if the GFI has been tripped.

The GFI breakers are usually found in the kitchen or a nearby bathroom.


Check the circuit breaker box for tripped breakers or blown fuses.

Reset any tripped circuit breakers or replace any blown fuses.


Verify there are no leaks.

See if there are any leaks. If the garbage disposal appears to be leaking, it may need to be replaced.


Check the "reset" button.

If the reset button is tripped, it will likely extend around one fourth of an inch. If it is tripped, simply reset it and use normally. If the button is not tripped, the garbage disposal may need to be replaced.

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