Lighten Up: 10 Year-Round String Light Ideas - Perfect for Any Décor

String lights in decor
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Looking for a fun and easy way to change the mood of a room? Want to add a whimsical flair to your existing décor? Look no further than string lights — they’re not just for parties and special occasions anymore. Think outside of the box and brighten up your home today with these 10 string light ideas!

String lights on fireplace
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1. Soothing Ambiance

Had enough of the dry heat this winter but still love the look of a glowing fire in the fireplace? Simply drape string lights around the hearth! That way, you’ll get the romantic look without all the heat. Note: We don’t recommend doing this if you have curious animals or young children that may decide to chew on or play with the wires. Eek!

Chandelier with string lights
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2. Breathtaking Chandelier

You won’t believe how easy this DIY chandelier is to make! And the main material? A hula hoop! Who would have thought? Shh! We won’t tell your visitors if you won’t…

Marquee with string lights
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3. Show-Stopping Marquee

We can’t talk about string light ideas without mentioning the lettering trend that’s swept the nation over the years. Forget the wine corks and reclaimed wood — make a bold statement with a lighted marquee sign!

Mirror string lights
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4. Ultra-Glamourous Mirror

Decorating with string lights doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. Take this mirror decoration, for example. Simply drape the lights around the border of the mirror and you suddenly have a new — and flattering, if we do say so ourselves — way of looking at yourself. What an excellent way to wake up and feel inspired each morning!

Accent lamp with string lights
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5. Illuminating Accents

Looking for something to put on your new hall tree shelf? Dining room table? Bathtub surround? For a simple, yet noticeably relaxing and elegant touch, consider adding soft lights to clear glass accent pieces.

Headboard with string lights
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6. Twinkling Headboard

Sure, this DIY LED headboard project is a little more involved than some of the other ideas. However, the end result is totally worth it. Basically, when this project is complete, you’ll think you’re sleeping under the stars. Who wouldn't love that?

Photos using string lights
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7. Attention-Grabbing Photo Display

Did your teenager recently get a new camera over the holidays? Have you been polishing up on your photography skills lately? Put a spotlight on all those photo masterpieces by clipping them directly to light strands!

Bedside string lights
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8. Space-Saving Bedside Lamp

Short on space and low on light? Consider draping lights from your ceiling next to your bed. Voilà! Your favorite book and comfy pillows are calling you! Bonus Tip: Instead of draping them over your bedside table, wrap them around your bed posts or create your own dreamy bed post canopies.

Canvas decor using string lights
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9. Creative Canvas

Get in touch with your artistic side by creating unique-to-you, light-up canvas art. The best part? The design possibilities are endless!

Rug made with string lights
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10. Striking Statement Rug

When it comes to string light decoration ideas, you may not have thought it possible to incorporate lights on your floor, right? Think again! Use whatever yarn you’d like and simply knit around a strand of LED lights to make a statement rug that glows.

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