Top Trends in Home Decor for 2017

Summer is a great time to add charming new colors, styles or accents to your home. New summer décor can freshen up your living areas and update your kitchen, or simply make a plain guest room more inviting. Whether your design project entails a few summer decorations or a complete makeover, here are some tips on the hottest summer home décor trends for 2017.

home decor trends

1. Consider faux finishes and materials.

According to the interior design experts at Elle Décor, faux finishes are one of the hottest design trends this year, especially in the kitchen. Many homeowners are now choosing engineered quartz countertops instead of marble, for instance. Marble can be expensive and difficult to maintain, while quartz provides a similarly lustrous finish at a lower cost. Some DIY-minded homeowners are also covering their existing counters with faux concrete made from quartz.

Faux wood beams are trending in 2017 as well. Made from lightweight polyurethane that is easy to install, faux wood requires little to no maintenance and is as durable as real wood.

2. Go classic with navy blue.

According to House Beautiful, navy is the new black. This dark and neutral hue is the color of the summer in 2017, appearing on everything from upholstered furniture pieces to kitchen cabinets and walls.

If the idea of painting your walls a deep blue shade seems like too great a commitment, introduce the color through small design touches first. Throw pillows, blankets or curtains with navy accents can all add a bold touch to your summer home décor.

3. Bring the garden inside.

Plants and indoor gardens are making a comeback this year. They are the perfect summer home décor because they add visual interest to a room while also purifying the air of toxins and pollutants. Vines and climbing plants are particularly popular due to the fact they are hearty and easy to care for.

4. Add some farmhouse charm.

Creamy white and shiplap walls are all the rage with homeowners in 2017, largely due to the vintage home restorations featured on programs, such as HGTV’s popular Fixer Upper. This laid back design style is tailor-made for homeowners looking for DIY summer decorating ideas.

Repurposed thrift shop pieces and collectibles, family heirlooms and handmade furniture are the touchstones of a farmhouse-styled home, along with one-of-a-kind design elements that highlight the homeowner’s personal taste.

5. Accent with copper.

Metal finishes have been popular for the last several years, and trend-spotting design site My Domaine proclaims copper the accent of choice for 2017. Copper candlesticks and flatware are a nice compliment to summer home décor in the dining room, adding glamour and warmth to any gathering. Copper light fixtures can also bring a welcoming glow to your kitchen or foyer.

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