Top 8 Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2020

If you're looking into updating, remodeling or just touching up your kitchen or bathroom, use this guide to see what trends to expect in 2020.

Walk-in shower

As time passes, trends evolve to suit the tastes of each new generation. And today’s homeowners want high-tech solutions to age-old problems in the kitchen and bath. If you’re renovating your home this year, these trends in kitchen and bathroom design might turn your head.

Wireless Appliances

Who has enough outlets in their kitchen?. The average kitchen houses a slew of small appliances, such as mixers, coffee makers, rice cookers, deep fryers, blenders, slow cookers, pressure cookers — the list goes on. With a lineup like this, you can run out of receptacles fast. 

In 2020, manufacturers are finally solving this long-standing kitchen problem with wireless appliances. A transmitter under your countertop could soon power a range of cordless, induction-powered appliances from all the major manufacturers. 

Color is Back In

Once upon a time, kitchen designs featured plenty of earth tones, like burnt orange, golden yellow and avocado green. More recently, granite, marble and stainless steel have ruled the day. But color is back in vogue for 2020, with manufacturers offering appliances in colors that pop, ranging from ultra-modern bold reds and bright blues, to retro tones like pink and mint green, to natural earth colors like sun yellow and umber. You might also see a greater range of colors employed in countertops and cabinetry this year.

Scan-to-Cook Frozen Meals Perfectly

What if frozen microwave meals aren’t actually tasteless — what if we’ve all just been cooking them wrong this whole time? That’s a question that scan-to-cook appliances will start to answer this year. Many new microwaves and ovens will work with an app that allows cooks to scan a frozen meal’s barcode and push a button to cook it perfectly. This could be especially useful for those frozen items that require multiple steps to prepare.

Smart Bathrooms

Wouldn’t it be great if your groggy midnight trips to the bathroom didn’t have to include fumbling for a light switch? Sure, nightlights are a thing, but they aren’t that bright and they take up a valuable outlet that you probably need for your hair dryer, toothbrush or water flosser. Smart bathrooms come equipped with motion sensors that activate soft, gentle lighting for midnight restroom breaks.  Voice control can let you start or stop the shower or bath, and adjust its temperature using Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. Trendy bathroom updates also include heated floors to keep your feet warm.

Magic-Dry Dishwashers

Soon, the days of pulling still-damp dishes out of your dishwasher may be over for good. With the new generation of magic-dry dishwashers, you’ll get drier dishes right out of the wash cycle. Some high-end dishwashers use zeolite crystals to absorb moisture from dishes, while others use convection to produce drier dishes that are cooler to the touch.

Storage, Storage, Storage

If there’s one thing home buyers want from kitchen and bathroom designs in 2020, it’s more storage. Many are willing to pay premiums for large kitchen pantries, including ultra-pantries and butler’s pantries. Floating cabinetry and tailored storage solutions for small bathroom items are popular right now.

Mobile Leak Detection

One of the biggest trends in kitchen and bathroom design in 2020 won’t be visible in either space. Mobile leak detection devices attached to your main water line will use smart technology to detect your home’s water usage patterns and notify you if anything seems off. This could save you a bundle by detecting a running toilet, a dripping faucet or a busted water heater. It could even save your home from water damage by shutting off the water to your whole house in the case of a burst pipe, for example. In addition to saving you thousands in water damage mitigation costs, installing a mobile leak detector could get you a discount on your homeowners insurance.

Dual Shower Heads and Walk-In Showers

If there’s one thing new home buyers want from their trendy, modern bathrooms, it’s dual shower heads. You’ll get twice the volume of water flow, and there will be no more arguing with your spouse over whether to install a handheld shower head or a rain shower head — you can have both! 

Walk-in showers are another bathroom trend that’s expected in 2020, and they’ll be accompanied by separate bathtubs. That means bathrooms will have to get more spacious. Walk-in showers with separate tubs will let two people get cleaned up at the same time, and walk-in showers are safer for the elderly or accident-prone who risk life and limb climbing over the side of a wet tub to get in and out of the shower. Plus, separate tubs tend to be larger to accommodate luxurious soaks.

Enjoy Your Space Knowing You’re Covered

Kitchen and bath design trends come and go, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them while they last. Your sleek, updated kitchen and bath will give you countless hours of enjoyment and could become a selling point when you decide to move on to your next home. Once you’ve got your new, high-tech kitchen and home appliances, protect them with home warranty or Electronics Plan from American Home Shield®. Contact us today to learn more.

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