How to Organize Your Holiday Decoration Storage

Decorating for the holidays can become more stressful than fun if your storage is an unorganized mess. Find out how to fix that.


If you’re the type who loves decking the halls as soon as the Thanksgiving turkey has been carved, then you’ve likely spent more than one January morning strategizing on how to best organize Christmas decorations. Or you haven’t — and now you’re facing down a web of lights, broken ornaments and a jumble of decor that takes longer to sift through than hang up. And that’s if you can even find the right boxes!

No list of holiday decoration tips is complete without some advice on how to store those items when the season comes to an end.

The Right Tool for the Job

Storing your seasonal trappings requires a little more care than tossing everything in a box and shoving it into a closet for the next 10 or 11 months. Ideally, you’d keep an inventory of everything that’s in each container, complete with notes regarding the location of items that are too big, awkwardly shaped or fragile to store in the same place as everything else. 

Now, you can easily and quickly organize your Christmas decorations for storage using the Sortly app. With Sortly, you can inventory the contents of your holiday decoration storage boxes and bins; categorize items by color, type, or any other criteria you wish; and even make notes to help you find your items quickly next year.

Click the link above to download the free version of Sortly, then come back to learn how to get the most out of it for holiday decoration storage and organization. 

Inventory Boxes and Bins

The Sortly app allows you to create folders for each category of household items you’d like to inventory. Make a folder for your holiday decorations and Christmas stuff, and Sortly allows you to create a subfolder for each bin, box or bag. Just snap photos of each item as you put it away. 

Later, you can open the Sortly app and navigate to the appropriate subfolder to see photos of all the items you have stored in each location. The next time you want to find a specific item or set of items, you can simply open the Sortly app and start scrolling. There’s no need to drag out box after box of stuff and start digging through it all. 

That’s great, because it’s easy to forget what decorations you have from one year to the next. Now, you won’t end up buying duplicates because you forgot you already purchased a new string of colored outdoor lights last year. And if you’re the type who decorates every room, you probably won’t want to do it all at once. That’s okay — Sortly makes it easy to locate just those items you want at any given time.

Categorize Your Items

Maybe you like to store your Christmas and holiday decorations by color. Or perhaps you like to categorize them according to the room they go in. Maybe you like to decorate for other holidays, too, so you have stuff for Halloween, Easter, the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. 

No worries. You can use Sortly’s tagging feature to categorize items according to any criteria you want. Tag decorations by purpose, ornament type, room, holiday and more. You can even use the Notes feature to store additional information about how and where you’re storing your items. For example, maybe you have some fragile, family heirloom decorations that you want to keep separate from everything else so they don’t get broken. Use a note in the Sortly app so you’ll remember where you put them next year.

Find Items Quickly Next Year

The hardest part of storing Christmas decorations is doing it in a way that makes them easy to find next year. Sortly’s photo inventory feature takes the hassle out of the hunt — and if you upgrade to the premium version, you can even print out scannable QR code labels. Just attach them to the outsides of your storage boxes, and next year, you’ll be able to simply scan the QR codes to see what’s inside each box.

Flag Items for Possible Disposal

As you’re going through your holiday decorations each year, you’ll no doubt come across stuff that needs to be donated or disposed of. You can use Sortly’s tagging feature to flag these items. You can also create a subfolder for items that you haven’t used this year, so next year you can decide if you still want to keep them. Later, when you’re ready to have your yearly garage sale or get together items for donation, you’ll be able to track down exactly what you’ve already decided to part with.

Storing and keeping track of your holiday decorations can be a real pain. At American Home Shield®, we understand that taking care of your home is about more than just keeping its systems and appliances in good repair. It’s also about keeping everything neat, clean, organized and attractive. That’s why we offer decorating, housekeeping and home organization tips on our Home Matters blog. Follow along to find more helpful tips for the holiday season — such as how to pack each different type of holiday decor — and every season year round.

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