Great New Paint Products

According to the Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI), here are some of the latest paint innovations:

Eww, That Smell!
Many paint companies market low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints to help reduce health risks and eliminate odors. Taking “odor-free” to another level, some companies are now adding air fresheners to their paint. Companies like Scentco market a stir-in fragrance additive that retains its pleasant scent on walls for several months. Also, check out Dutch Boy® Refresh ® paint which reduces odors thanks to Arm & Hammer ® technology.

Lots to Hide
Got bumpy walls or dents? Sherwin-Williams Builders Solution interior paint and its smoothing latex surface and topcoats hide many glaring imperfections. According to Consumer Reports’ March 2013 article, the paint best at hiding, leaving a smooth finish and resisting stains and scrubbing is Clark+Kensington, available only at Ace Hardware stores.

No Time to Prime
Save time and money with paints that eliminate priming. Products like Benjamin Moore’s Aura provide great coverage for dark-colored walls. It splatters less and resists stains too. For the super-stainers, like coffee, tea and red wine, try Pratt & Lambert Redseal Porcelain for easy spot removal. Also, try Dutch Boy ® Dirt Fighter ® Interior Paint + Primer for its washable finish that fights common household stains and comes in their Twist & Pour ® container for easy use.

Going Green In Lots of Colors
In February 2014, Benjamin Moore introduced Natura Renew™, the first premium, bio-renewable paint with zero emissions. It contains up to 40% plant-based bio-renewable materials, making it the first sustainable paint on the market. It’s eco-friendly without compromising performance, color and durability.

Paint for Better Air Quality
With the launch of its Enhanced Harmony ® paint, Sherwin&Williams introduced a paint that reduces the levels of airborne VOCs from sources like insulation, carpet, furniture and fabrics. Plus, it reduces common odors, like those from cooking, smoke and pets, and inhibits the growth of mildew and mold on the paint finish. Besides addressing concerns about the air quality in homes, this paint leaves rooms looking fresher, longer.

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