9 Blank Wall Ideas for Your Home

There's nothing more stark or empty looking than a blank wall. Before you start buying and hanging art, learn how to decorate a blank wall with these simple design ideas and art hanging how-to’s.
Bookshelf and Frames Eliminate Blank Wallspace


1. Art is Everywhere

You don’t have to run out and buy new artwork for your home. Hang kids' drawings, family photographs or mount pieces of colorful fabric or wallpaper. The simple step of mounting and framing these pieces can turn them into stunning works of art. Browse the dollar store for wood frames and customize them with paint and distress with sandpaper for a vintage look.

2. Picture This

Showcase your photographs. Blow photos up and mount them on foam core using a spray adhesive. If you’re using a number of photos, plan out your photo wall by placing them on the ground in front of the wall and rearrange until you find the layout that works.

3. Small Works

Hang a small piece in a frame that has a large mat or create a cohesive composition by searching for prints of similar sizes and arrange the frames in a grid pattern. If you have found the perfect piece of artwork but discovered it doesn't fill the wall space the way you would like it to, then pair it with smaller paintings to make the arrangement feel more robust.

4. Singled Out

A single piece of art can be the solution for an entire blank wall -- especially if it's a dramatic size, floor-to-ceiling printed canvas stretched around a frame. To make your own oversize artwork, stretch a yard or two of your favorite fabric around a canvas frame. The frames come in a number of different sizes and can be found at your local craft or art supply store.

5. Find the Right Level

Don’t hang artwork too high. The center point of either a single picture or a grouping of works should be at eye level. Use picture-hanging hooks rather than nails or screws, and use two hooks per piece to help art remain level.

6. Mirror Mirror

An oversized mirror is the perfect quick and stunning blank wall decor. A mirror adds style and reflects light around the space, making it feel larger. Mount the mirror inside a traditional picture frame painted in a contrasting color to make an even bolder statement.

7. Cover Art

Round up a collection of old books with fun covers. Glue the covers and pages together and hang the books directly on the wall for a three dimensional display. Remove the covers and hang them in frames to create a literary work of art, or if you want to keep the books intact, scan the covers and print them on photo paper.

8. Letter Perfect

Use letters in a variety of sizes, colors and materials to create an artsy arrangement. For an extra splash of style, include one large letter to balance several smaller pieces.

9. Floating Shelf

A floating shelf adds character to any wall. Layer framed prints and favorite accessories along the shelf. If you have a larger wall, hang several shelves and stagger their heights. To make the display pop, paint the shelves a contrasting color.

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