5 Hot Home Décor Ideas For the Fall

The weather may be cooling, but there are plenty of hot trends in home décor this fall. If you’re looking for a complete overhaul, or just a new way to freshen up a room or two, this fall features trends for every taste.
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No matter what your budget, there’s a trend to fit. Whether you hire an interior designer for a professional update, or hit the flea markets for an on-trend item or two, home décor is hot this fall.

1. Heavy Metal
Metal is making a comeback with everything from brass bathtubs, to stainless steel table bases, to tin backsplashes. Metal wall art, tabletop objects and bold picture frames are simple ways to try this trend without making a big commitment. Be careful not to overload on metallic, but a pop of shine here and there can take a room from drab to dramatic.

2. Light Wood
Dark wood has taken center stage for years. This fall, the pendulum on this trend swings the other way and lighter wood is making a comeback. An easy entry into this trend is a light wood accent chair. Available everywhere from high-end home stores to garage sales, light wood is making its way back into homes across the country.

3. Brighten up With Blue
Blues are back for fall and the hottest shade is turquoise. It’s a bold choice, but when done right it can brighten any room. From an accent wall, to bedding, to small appliances, turquoise is everywhere. Go big and paint an entire room, or start small with throw pillows. No matter where you incorporate turquoise, you can’t go wrong with this trend.

4. Pantone’s Predictions
Every year Pantone®predicts the hottest color palette. This year the choices are bold, and incorporating pops of color here and there in your home is simple. Colors include Radiant Orchid, Royal Blue, Aluminum and Aurora Red to name a few. Using one, or several of Pantone’s predictions can bring warmth and vibrancy into your home this fall.

5. Softer Black and White
Black and white have always been home design staples. This fall, the trend is toward softening these two hues. In their purest form, black and white can both be bold choices, but softening either turns a room from shocking to soothing. Whether it’s on the walls, upholstering the sofa or accenting a bathroom, try a softer side of black and white.

Try one, or all of these trends this fall and transform your house into your dream home.

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