Shop ‘til You Drop: The Best Sales After Christmas

After-Christmas sales are a great time to stock up on certain items! Need winter clothing? Want electronics, toys, or holiday decorations? Then get to shopping!

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After the holidays, shopping is likely the last thing on your mind. But you may be surprised to know that you can get some of the best deals after Christmas, including the first month or two of the new year. Here are some items that are best bought while you’re out and about shopping after-Christmas sales.

Holiday Items

This may be a no-brainer, but the day after Christmas, prices for holiday items are often drastically slashed. What’s better: paying nearly $200 for an inflatable yard decoration that you could have done without this year or paying $20 for that same inflatable and being pleasantly surprised next year when you’re reminded of the purchase at decorating time? That’s what we thought. Hint: This tactic can be used after other holidays, as well. Stock up!

Winter Clothing

As the holidays roll to an end, retailers shift gears to begin thinking about rolling out springtime wardrobe options. And guess what that means for you? Yes, majorly discounted cool-weather clothes. The best part? Depending on where you live, you could possibly still use a lot of the items in the current season. Tip: Don’t forget to check for store-specific coupons to stack on top of the savings for an even bigger discount!


What’s likely the largest marketed merchandise during the holiday season? Toys! And what do stores likely have the most leftover stock of after the holidays? Toys! Now’s your time to stockpile for all those upcoming birthday parties throughout the year — and even for next Christmas. And, since there’s so much inventory leftover, be sure to price check often, as retailers sometimes fall behind this time of year on marking every product with the correct tag.


You know that camera you put on your Christmas wish list that you then distributed to everyone you know — and didn’t end up getting? Now’s your chance to cash in all those gift cards you got instead. According to Business Insider, you could potentially get up to $700 off new cameras this time of year, not to mention the discounts that you can snag on lenses and accessories. The same goes for other electronics, such as laptops and video games. For additional discounts, look for refurbished products and “buy two, get one free”–type sales.

Fitness Products

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Resolutions shmezalutions. As much as we’d probably like to deny it, the thought of shedding those post-holiday pounds has likely crossed our minds by now. Fortunately, instead of pretending like you don’t care about getting fit, you can now brag about the incredible deal you got on your fitness equipment. Or diet foods. Or gym membership. Tip: To get the most bang for your buck, try to hold out until the end of January to sign up for that gym membership. The new year “high” has worn off for a lot of people by then, but the sales quotas that must be met haven’t!

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