Three Steps to More Effective Billboard Ads

Many agents use billboards in their marketing efforts. But often, they’re not as effective as they could be. Here are three ways to make your next billboard better.

  • Less is more.
    Try to limit your billboard to three basic elements: A key visual element like a portrait or image, a headline that conveys a simple and clear message, and your name, phone number and/or website address.
  • Keep it short.
    Drivers have a split-second to read your billboard. Keep your headline under eight words, and address the core reason why clients should choose you. For example, “Personal service. Exceptional results.” or “We sell homes faster.”
  • Take three steps back.
    Before you approve a billboard design, print it on a letter-size piece of paper and pin it to the wall. Then, take three steps across the room and scrutinize the billboard. This mimics a driver’s perspective. Does the key message “pop?” Can you read the phone number and web address easily? If not, revise as needed.

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