Rid Yourself of the Winter Blues

Catch a few flicks.
Don’t just sit there staring off into the frozen tundra. Catch up on the movies and TV shows that you were too busy to watch during the warm weather. With cable companies offering on-demand movies and sites like Hulu.com and Netflix.com, you can access the latest rom-com or blockbuster sequel in minutes. Then, all you’ll need is the popcorn.

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Sleep it off
Winter is a great time of year to sleep to your heart’s content and recharge your batteries. Try going to bed an hour earlier than your usual time or taking an afternoon nap on the sofa. If you need help dozing off, have a little warm milk and honey, turn on the sound machine and get ready to start snoozing.

Have a good read
There’s nothing like curling up by the fire (or the radiator), and getting lost for hours in a good book. You’ve probably got a paperback or two sitting on a shelf that you haven’t had a chance to pick up. Looking for suggestions? For modern detective tales it’s tough to beat Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series. For action, check out Lee Child.

Let there be light
Treat yourself to a full spectrum light that mimics the natural sunlight your body’s been missing during the winter months. It can elevate your mood by helping you absorb vitamin D, which naturally occurs from the sun’s rays. For the full effect, break out your shorts and flip-flops.

Feel the burn
Fight your cabin fever with a healthy dose of exercise. Doing basic calisthenics like jumping jacks, sit-ups, or push-ups will get your blood flowing and wake up your system. To really work up a sweat, try jumping rope for a few minutes. Once those endorphins start kicking in, you’ll feel as good as a warm summer day.

Get busy.
Find something fun or productive to do around the house. Try playing that old guitar or ukulele that you never touch or start writing your great American novel. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even clean out your file cabinets and shred your bank statements.

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