Benefits of Joining AHS’ Contractor Network

Over one million homeowners nationwide, American Home Shield offers the opportunity for your company to connect with more homeowners in your area. By strengthening your business, we strengthen our own level of service across the country. Contact American Home Shield to find out what the opportunity is in your local market.

A relationship with American Home Shield can potentially help increase your customer base and at the same time reduce your need for advertising.

Benefits of working with American Home Shield include:

  • We'll send business to you. Our customer base is more than a million strong.
  • Free advertising. American Home Shield puts you face-to-face with potential new customers without any marketing expense or hassle on your part.
  • Less paperwork. American Home Shield offers e-dispatching and online invoicing.
  • Steady business, no matter the season.
  • Customer feedback. Get a clear picture of how you're doing. Use your American Home Shield customer survey reports to improve customer satisfaction.

Turn American Home Shield customers into your customers.
The same customers American Home Shield brings to you through service work orders could become your clients for life. On average, American Home Shield customers will make two service calls a year. Every service opportunity is a chance for your company to create a new customer and a satisfied client who will tell all of their family and friends.

Increase your service volume.
At any given time, American Home Shield has more active customer contracts within the home protection plan industry as compared to their competitors. This provides your company with a great opportunity to increase your service volume and cash flow while possibly reducing advertising costs and covering overhead.

By strengthening your business, we help encourage your growth and ours. The American Home Shield Contractor Network services nearly 3 million work orders each year. These service opportunities have helped many companies maintain a steady flow of service work orders - regardless of the time of year.

Every service call is an opportunity to earn a new customer.
Advertising doesn't always provide a great return on your investment. How much does a lead cost in your market?
Would you like to be paid for a lead rather than pay?

A service work order from American Home Shield is a free lead. The better the service you provide, the more likely they are to call you when they have something break down that isn't covered by American Home Shield.

Where else can you find leads with no cost? Every call that we send you is an opportunity for you to acquire a new customer to service in the future, whether the customer renews with us or not. Not only do we send you service work with no advertising expense, we put you face-to-face with a potential new customer. This is an opportunity for you to sell them on your service.

American Home Shield takes pride in paying our contractors quickly.
American Home Shield offers user-friendly solutions to paperwork, providing your company with more efficient invoicing and payments. For example, if your company takes advantage of three of our more popular programs:

  • Online Invoicing
  • Direct Deposit Payments
  • Quick Pay Program could receive your cash within the same week as the invoice submission! Where else can you ensure such efficient cash flow?

Maximize the tools and research available only to the American Home Shield contractor network.
Working with American Home Shield is convenient. Our email dispatch and online billing makes working with American Home Shield simple. All American Home Shield service contractors are given a pre-set authorization limit. Repairs can be made up to the amount of those limits without calling American Home Shield for authorization. And, if you need to contact our authorization department, our professional team will efficiently guide you through the process.

American Home Shield® contractor communications, training sessions and surveys are opportunities for you to learn more about your business and American Home Shield so you can maximize your growth opportunities.

American Home Shield also invests in customer satisfaction research and training. We compile feedback from customers and share it with members of the Contractor Network. This customer feedback gives you a chance to listen and learn from your customers-without the major investment that normally comes with market research.

And you don't have to go it alone. As a member of the American Home Shield Contractor Network, you will be assigned a Contractor Relations Representative who will be a part of your team. Your American Home Shield Contractor Relations Representative will build a relationship with your company as you work together to maximize the American Home Shield opportunity.