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Electrical Preventative Maintenance


An American Home Shield Electrical Preventative Maintenance Plan can help you:

  • Maintain peak efficiency and safety
  • Avert system failures, providing added assurance to you and your family
  • Minimize costly repairs in the future
  • Provide a level of assurance that your systems are safe and not overloaded


Electrical Preventative Maintenance plans include the following:

  • Apply anti-corrosive solution aluminum wires
  • Check for double tapped breakers
  • Check for overloaded circuits
  • Check outlet with tester for open grounds, neutral wires & proper polarity
  • Check smoke detector batteries. Replace up to two (2) standard batteries (9 volt if needed)
  • Check visible wiring
  • Open and check main panel
  • Survey for proper surge protection
  • Test/visual inspection of ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets and breakers
  • Tighten screws and lugs on breakers
  • Verify main breaker size matches specific electrical conductivity (SEC) cable into home
  • Verify sump pump outlets have power and test sump pump
  • Perform load calculation on breaker box to ensure system is not overloaded
  • Check and clean main breaker box and tighten wiring as necessary
  • Provide identification on breaker controls within breaker box using either marker or sticker