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Appliance Preventative Maintenance


An American Home Shield Appliance Preventative Maintenance Plan can help you:

  • Extend the life of your appliances
  • Maintain peak efficiency, which can save you money
  • Avert system failures


Appliance Preventative Maintenance plans include the following:

  • Check/ adjust leveling of unit
  • Check lid switch operation
  • Check operation of all console controls
  • Check for water leakage including hoses
  • Check for visible signs of oil leakage in transmission area
  • Check drive belt
  • Check tension of drive belt and pulleys
  • Check pump-out timing
  • Check tub springs for correct positioning
  • Check/ tighten supply connections (gas/ electric)
  • Check/ adjust leveling of unit
  • Check operation of all console controls
  • Check cycling of heat thermostats
  • Check dryer belts
  • Check rollers and guides
  • Check heater wiring/ gas valve connections
  • Check lint filter for clogged screens
  • Check tub springs for correct positioning
  • Check oven door gaskets
  • Check oven door latch assembly
  • Check surface burner operations
  • Check broiler operation
  • Check oven operation
  • Check electronic operation
  • Check ERC/KRC delayed oven operation
  • Check/ clean condenser coils
  • Check/ tighten water line connections
  • Clean door gaskets for proper sealing
  • Check/ adjust leveling for proper door closure
  • Check/ align door hinges as needed
  • Check fresh food/ freezer air temps
  • Check/ clean spray arms for proper operation and cracks
  • Check for possible leaks
  • Check detergent/ drying agent dispensers
  • Check timer and electrical components
  • Check water temperature and advise customer if it is not hot
Microwave (Built-in)
  • Check oven door alignment
  • Check for proper operation of interlocks
  • Check for stirrer operation
  • Check for control operations
  • Check for turntable operations
  • Check for auto sensor operations